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ERP systems with Odoo

Your partner for an efficient ERP implementation in Odoo.

ERP systems with Odoo

Your partner for an efficient ERP implementation in Odoo.

The goals

Our goal is to save your time and your money

An ERP system is not an end in itself. We only implement things that offer you clear added value. Here, the cost-user ratio is in the foreground.

With an ERP, processes can not only be mapped but also designed more efficiently. We recognize and leverage potentials within your processes.

Repetitive manual work not only reduces employee satisfaction but also drives up costs and can be a serious competitive disadvantage. The solution: Automation!

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. Where possible, we configure standard components to save you money.

A clean and consistent database is crucial for efficient ERP usage. Therefore, we prepare your inventory data in order to build on a solid foundation in the future.

Simplicity, ease of use, documentation and training of affected employees ensure savings potential in everyday life.


We work with you to develop what you really need

Step 1

Four-hour workshop with management team to get to know each other

Step 2

Prioritization of the requirements and selection of an initial scope for implementation

Step 3

Analysis of the affected processes and data

Step 4

Identification of possible peculiarities within your company

Step 5

Conception of a roadmap for the iterative introduction of ERP

Our partner Odoo

Odoo as modular and customizable full ERP are our means of choice

With thousands of apps and a large number of modules you can map exactly the processes you want.

The unlimited customizability of Odoo makes it possible to achieve exactly what you need at all times.

The flexibility of the system allows it to be used in all industries and sizes of the company.

In comparison to similar solutions, the license costs of Odoo are very low with approx. 320* €/m for 10 users.

All imaginable possibilities of hosting, from SaaS up to hosted by yourself, are mappable with Odoo.

Odoo has no restrictions whatsoever regarding operating system or hardware and is even mobile usable.

Finance & Accounting: Simple, efficient, highly integrated

• Receivables management
Arrears of receivables, automatic dunning (with e-mail & letter), automated booking suggestions

• Accounts payable
Verify incoming invoices, invoices automatically with OCR
read out, create SEPA collective transfers

• Preparatory accounting
All business transactions automatically mapped in chart of accounts

• Flexibility
Multiple currencies with live exchange rates, automatically determined tax rates



• Reporting
Pivot tables, KPIs, dashboards, real-time year-end closing

• Controlling
With hierarchical cost accounting, cost centers, reporting & budgets



• Datev
Export available

• Bank synchronization
payment matching

Full Web Service API for third-party software integration

• Google Spreadsheet Integration

Easy import & export of all data

Warehouse: efficient and automated


• Supply chain management
Define individual procurement routes for each product

• Overview
Good overview of stock movements through reports and information on current stock levels

• Simple administration
Stock movements are created automatically on the basis of orders and sales



• Delivery times
Adjustable depending on seller

• Dropshipping
Sell merchandise without it ever being in stock

• Lot & Serial Numbers
Tracking of products from order to delivery to the customer

• Product removal
Different methods (LIFO, FIFO, FEFO) possible

• Expiration dates
Define expiration dates for lot & serial numbers



• Finance & Accounting
Warehouse fully integrated, movements are transferred to the books in real time

• Purchasing
Simple re-ordering rules keep stock levels at the desired level

• Sales
Warning/preventing the sale of out-of-stock goods

• Dispatch
Integration of various shipping service providers

Billing: Uncomplicated & clearly arranged


• Invoicing
Low effort for invoicing, confirmation – completely digitized

• Incoming invoices
Upload or manual entry of incoming invoices possible

• Payment methods
Many different providers can be integrated, also online payment, cash payments can be easily recorded

• Dispatch
Send invoices by e-mail or post

• Open items
Overview according to customer groups, invoice amount and much more.



• Check
Overview of open and paid invoices

• Credit notes
Create directly from the invoice

• Analysis
Various evaluation options to check the status of the invoice, attractive display options using graphs or diagrams

• Currencies
Create invoices in different currencies, current conversion rates

• Individual layout



• Accounting department
All created invoices are linked to the accounting in real time

• Receivables management
Individual and automatic dunning process by setting rules

• Purchasing
Optimize and automate procurement

Helpdesk: customer-oriented and optimized


• Function
Integrate a helpdesk to improve customer service

• Overview
High clarity by means of Kanban boards, intuitive operation, easy moving or editing of tickets, setting priorities

• Ticket creation
Creation via several channels mostly automated possible (automated creation at mail inbox, specific Twitter hashtags, requests via specially created web form)



• Self-help
Possibility to provide customers with a database of FAQ’s and other information material

• Optimization
Process customer inquiries with templates or automatic responses as quickly and efficiently as possible


• Live chat
Possibility to address and help customers directly

• Fully integrated into the following Odoo apps:
        – Livechat
        – Forum
        – Customer administration
        – Website

CRM: Uncomplicated and Structured


• Creating Leads
Capture leads with just a few clicks

• Pipeline
Kanban Pipeline View

• Reporting
Clear dashboard with numerous analysis and evaluation options

• Sales activities
Create once, then simply assign to specific team members on selected leads



• Team Management
Distribution of responsibilities, prioritization, structuring in sales teams according to responsibilities, individual pipeline phases

• Forecasts
Forecast sales, closing date etc. depending on category

• Sales teams
Structuring into teams with their own sales targets, access rights and other restrictions

• Automated Lead Creation
By receiving a mail to the stored address, a lead is automatically generated



• Invoicing & sales
Easily create quotes and invoices directly from the CRM module

• Website module
Automatically create website visitors as leads

Point of Sale: Adaptable and uncomplicated


• Complete
Independent and easy to operate cash register system

• Flexible
No hardware restrictions (also compatible with tablets or laptops)

• Availability
Product-dependent availability for different points of sale

• Synchronization
Product availability is updated in real time

• Interface
Designable through pictures and control elements, very user-friendly, processing different jobs at the same time



• Receipts
Create your own layout

• Payment methods
Offer or prohibit different payment methods

• Currencies
Compatible with different currencies

• Exchange & return
Can be realized without problems

• Internet
No Internet connection required for normal operation

• Adaptable
Individual configuration possible for each individual point of sale



• Barcode scanner
For quick recognition of a specific product

• Finance & accounting
Connection to the accounting department of your company

• Email marketing
Use customers’ buying habits for personalized offers

Sales: Clear and adaptable


• Tender preparation
Quick and intuitive, different design templates available

• Invoicing
Low effort for invoicing, confirmation – completely digitized

• Shipping options
Sending offers and invoices by e-mail or post

• 1-Click
Processing quotations in sales orders

• Client management
Master data maintenance, customer portal



• Price lists
According to conditions of different customer groups, discount options

• Product variants
Different variants of a product incl. price differences for the different variants



• Finances
Linking invoicing with accounting

• Encampments
Warnings when selling beyond expected inventory levels

Projects: clearly arranged


• Opportunities
Clear project management with little effort

• Clearness
Kanban board for the overview of different projects, intermediate goals or stages, as well as the responsible persons, shifting between stages by Drag&Drop, folding and unfolding certain work steps

• Information
Add explanations and additional information to project steps


• Templates
Different templates already available

• Management
Distribute responsibilities, prioritize different tasks, divide larger tasks into subtasks

Time sheet: anytime & anywhere


• Flexible time recording
Easy mobile recording of times, both subsequently and during work

• Planning tool
In addition to time recording, daily planning is also possible, times for different tasks can be forecast, workload for different employees can be estimated on projects.

• App
Mobile App available for almost every Smartphone/Tablet



• Offline function
No continuous Internet connection necessary during time tracking

• Evaluation
Overview of working times in specific teams or on projects

• Invoicing
Time recording as the basis for invoicing

• Profitability
Calculate the profitability of projects, using personnel costs and time recording, as well as the project revenue

Purchasing: intelligent and efficient


• Vendor master data
Storage of contact persons, addresses, account information, etc.

• Price lists
Possibility of integrating suppliers’ price lists, quickly and easily comparable

• Terms of delivery
Minimum order quantities & delivery times per product



• Evaluation
Many statistical evaluation options for suppliers

• Contract award
All procurement methods can be mapped, from direct orders to requests for quotations and invitations to tender



• Finances
All purchases are automatically created as open items.

• Encampments
Orders can be created automatically, purchases automatically trigger expected product receipts into the warehouse

Website Builder: Professional, but simple


• Straightforwardness
Intuitive design, no programming knowledge required

• Website design
Mainly Drag&Drop, various design proposals, numerous effects, countless customization options

• Intelligent
Partially automated adaptation of the web design to the style of the company

• Flexible
Operation of multiple, completely independent integration websites



• E-Commerce & Customer Portal
Easy integration through Odoo Add-On

• Internationality
Different languages available, without any problems running several websites in parallel

High search engine ranking with just a few clicks, choosing key search terms

• Visitor
Detect and track behavior, automatically create leads in CRM



• Odoo Add-On’s
Many Odoo applications for the purpose of close customer loyalty via the website

• Extensions
From eBay integration to recruitment to blogs, there are no limits to creativity

E-Commerce: Comprehensive and appealing


• Full online shop

• Clearly arranged
Sorting according to product types, customizable filter options

• Adaptable
Numerous design possibilities, hardly any restrictions for designers, different delivery methods

• Online payment
Integration of different payment methods such as Paypal or Stripe

• Dispatch
Choice between different forwarding agents and uncomplicated printing of shipping labels



• Cross and Upselling
Suggest customer-specific alternative or complementary products

• Taxes
Adaptable to customer groups (according to origin)

• Price lists and discounts/campaign prices/vouchers
By product or customer group, duration of promotions can be defined, personalised voucher codes
design proposals



• Website builder
Unleash the full potential of your Internet presence with the e-commerce add-on from Odoo

Website Add-Ons: Countless possibilities








Expense management: time-saving & efficient


• For the applicant
Use of templates possible, fast and completely digital capture of expenses, upload of receipts possible

• For the manager
Accept or reject an application with just one click, overview of budgets of different teams

• Integration
Directly linked to accounting, expenditure & payment can be recorded directly


• Integration in the following Odoo Apps:
        – Employees
        – Projects
        – Invoicing
        – Vehicle fleet

Contacts: Customizable and clearly arranged


• Central contact management
Access to your contacts from other apps

• Individual
Simply save presettings and preferences (e.g. payment method)

• Overview
All information about a contact at a glance (e.g. balance, dates etc.)



• Filing
Archive inactive contacts and reactivate them on demand without problems



• CSV or Excel
Quickly and easily integrate contacts into your ERP / export from your ERP

Subscriptions: Automated and reliable


• Templates
Simplified subscription conclusion and administration through pre-defined subscription templates, products directly assigned to a specific subscription template

• Automatic invoice generation



• Customer portal
Possibility for customers to view and manage contracts online, possibilities for customers can be extended or restricted (e.g.: termination directly via portal)



• Requires the following Odoo modules
Sales and invoicing

• Website

Calendar: flexible and automated


• Scheduling
Organize appointments quickly and easily

• Personal adjustment
Set day-dependent availability

• Booking system
Booking of appointments in booking mask for customers/colleagues possible, automated confirmation of booked appointments



• Real-time synchronization
Possible with Google Calendar

Events: individual and uncomplicated


• Organize events
Create events of all sizes and types, publish on website with associated agenda, specify number of participants

• Ticketing
Different types of tickets to sell the event on the site

• Social media
Create hashtags for events



• Categories
Events can be assigned to different categories and filtered

• Overview
View event participants by origin, event, registration date, etc.

• Reminders
Send automatic reminder E-Mails to participants

• Organization
Form for suggestions from visitors

• Sponsoring
Add sponsors to specific events



• Google Analytics


Documents: digitized & paperless


• Function
Management and sorting of all documents, completely digitized

• Opportunities
Sending, archiving or simply sorting documents, also creation of documents possible (e.g. invoices)

• Management
Distribute responsibilities among different documents, issue approvals, control work steps



• Overview
Different sorting and filtering methods promise clarity

• eSignature
Simply sign digitally

• E-Mail
Documents can be generated directly from E-Mail



• Fully integrated into the following Odoo apps:
– eSignature
– Finances
– Projects

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