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Automate your e-commerce business with the right Odoo Gold Partner

From 0 to Go-live in

3-6 months

We realise your complete Odoo project with all necessary integrations & customisations at the lowest possible cost.

How we manage that? With: 

A tried and tested process

A 360° solution

Plenty of experience

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Managing Partner 
Carl Herkommer
Head of eCommerce

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How it works: In 6 steps to a successful Go-live

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1. Requirement Workshops

Together we define your exact process requirements for Odoo

2. Implementation phase I

Separate implementation cycles & training sessions are carried out for each app.

3. Walkthrough & Training

In kick-off meetings & training sessions we introduce to each app and familiarize your users with your new system

4. Feedback & Testing

All processes are tested thoroughly and end2end, both by your users and our experts

5. Implementation phase II

Based on your testing and feedback we implement final adjustments to your systems

6. Final Training

After the last adjustments have been completed, your users receive another training cycle and can now use the up-to-date system productively.

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We offer a complete Odoo solution for Ecommerce

Fully integrated for High Performance, Fast Implementation, Simple Maintenance

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Find out exactly which features we can realize with Odoo ERP for which specific e-commerce use cases

How we optimise Odoo for your e-commerce business:


More than 30 Integrations to third party systems

  • Shopsystems such as Shopify, Shopware, Magento Woocommerce
  • Marketplaces such as Ebay & Amazon
  • Any Warehouse Management Systems
  • Any Shipping providers such as DHL, Hermes, dpd
  • Any payment providers such as Paypal, Stripe, Klarna
  • Any trade partner systems

More than 50 custom modules

  • Customizations in your Odoo tailored to optimize e-commerce processes.
  • Can be installed as plug-and-play solutions or adapted to your unique use case.
  • No integration with third-party systems required.

Vast partnership network for your benefit

Joining forces with integration partners & sharing technologies from around the world allows us to deliver first-class results.

  • Partnership with Channel Engine (Marketplace Integration platform connecting to over 95 Marketplaces)
  • Partnership with Procuros (Integration Hub for EDI Integrations connecting to any trade partner)
  • Partnership with Shippypro (Shipping platform connecting to over 160 shipping providers)
  • Partnership with GetMyInvoices (Document Management Platform)

More than 40 successful Odoo Projects

Trust an Odoo Gold Partner, that has already implemented countless Odoo projects, including in e-commerce with success.

Our eCommerce Customers:

air up GmbH
Miomente GmbH
InstaMotion Retail GmbH
Raumschmiede GmbH
Hans Brainfood GmbH
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CamperBoys GmbH
bela aqua gmbh
Junkers Uhren GmbH

“I was and still am very impressed how, with the support of much.Consulting, we were not only able to make a sound choice for a new ERP system within a few months, but also to implement it in only three months without delay and within the planned budget. With the support of much., we can continue on our steep growth path”.

Fabian Schlang
Co-Founder & COO air up GmbH

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