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Odoo for E-commerce – how does it look like?

Interested to learn how ERP would work for your specific e-commerce use cases? Find all answers here:

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Find all possible features, customizations, and integrations compiled in one convenient overview

If you are considering Odoo for your e-commerce business, but want to get an overview of the system’s concrete functions for your concrete use cases first, this list is just what you are looking for.


What’s inside

Overview of the overall architecture of an integrated Odoo for e-commerce solution

All crucial Odoo functions for e-commerce sorted by business unit - Accounting, SCM etc.

Categorization of all functions by standard, custom and integration apps as well as specific use cases

description of all integrations developed for e-commerce

description of all custom modules developed for e-commerce

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    How did we optimize Odoo ERP for e-commerce processes?

    We have developed numerous in-house Odoo solutions specifically for e-commerce processes. At the same time, we have consistently ensured scalability & standardization for each new solution in order to guarantee its long-term viability.

    This has allowed us to create a comprehensive vertical ERP solution for E-commerce based on Odoo that meets all standard ecommerce requirements, can be implemented comparatively quickly and is still flexible enough to be adapted to even the most niche business requirements.

    What to expect from our solution:

    Odoo standard features - userfriendly & easy to implement

    The basis here is the core Odoo Enterprise Apps. For e-commerce this includes:

    For Accounting & Finance:

    • Odoo Accounting
    • Odoo Invoicing
    • Odoo Consolidation

    For Customer Success:

    • Odoo CRM
    • Odoo Sales
    • Odoo Helpdesk

    For Supply Chain Management:

    • Odoo Inventory
    • Odoo Quality
    • Odoo Purchasing

    For Efficiency:

    • Odoo Timetracking
    • Odoo Planning
    • Odoo Projects
    • Odoo Time off

    Depending on your individual processes, further useful standard functions can be added here.

    Custom add-ons for further optimisations

    Custom modules developed by much. Consulting. These include customizations and optimizations in your Odoo that are specifically tailored to e-commerce processes. Can be installed as plug-and-play solutions or adapted to your unique use case. No integration with third-party systems required.

    Integrations with all your required third party systems, including:

    • Shopsystem integrations with Shopify, Shopware 6, Magento2, Woocommerce etc.
    • Marketplace integration via Aggregator middleware Channelengine (applicable for 95+ marketplaces including ebay & amazon)
    • EDI Integrations to any B2B trade partner via aggregator middleware PROCUROS
    • Integrations to any warehouse management system (internal & external) via standardized integration framework
    • Integration to DATEV
    • Integration to 160+ shipping providers with automated label creation in Odoo via Shippypro Integration
    • & more!

    Get the full picture: This is what Odoo can look like for your e-commerce processes

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    Developed by leading Odoo professionals

    much. Consulting is Odoo gold partner with leading expertise in the field of e-commerce. In the course of numerous projects we have optimized Odoo specifically for the e-commerce sector and developed solutions for the special use cases, processes and requirements. Find out here why much. Consulting is the ideal partner for your e-commerce erp project.

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