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Platform & marketplace ERP

Operating a platform or a marketplace leads to many transactions on both the purchasing and the selling side. Next to connecting buyers and vendors third parties like insurers, delivery providers, escrow and payment services are also offered to the client.

This leads to an operationally complex business that gets even more difficult in an international setting with multi language transactions in different currencies, spanning multiple jurisdictions and tax regimes to provide (digital) goods around the globe. Especially being compliant in all served areas and with documents that fulfil all requirements from every involved party is getting more and more difficult.

To avoid that your share of each transaction is eaten by high operations costs, we provide a unified system that allows you to navigate all challenges locally and in an international market. The focus is to reduce the cost per transaction on the buying and selling side by automation. Additionally, many services can be provided to the involved parties for an optimal experience.

“With much. GmbH we have brought a successful partnership on board for both our financing and ERP project. Both projects benefited from the great competence, experience and network of the team. We could rely on maximum transparency and reliability during the planning phase.”

Charlotte Junker
CEO, Junkers Uhren GmbH

How we can help:


  • Automate multi-sided transactions with all documents for each party
  • Escrow money and pay it out when a transaction succeeded 
  • Enable international, mutli language, multi tax regime business
  • Group transactions to have more, higher value payments and reduce cost
  • Find produces & services that are profitable on your marketplace including all fixed cost, e.g. helpdesk, arbitration and tax
  • Consolidate multiple companies in your group to get a global overview of your business
  • Provide a full overview of all your finances and cash flow in real time.

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