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Automating your business is just too expensive?

Not necessarily! With go-digital it is possible to get your digitization project subsidised with up to €16,500

“go-digital” – What is it exactly?

“go-digital” is a funding program for small and medium-sized enterprises from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).  The measure applies across all federal states and was launched by the German government to reduce the financial hurdles and the red tape that make it difficult for SMEs in particular to tackle digitization projects. As an authorized partner for the funding modules Digital Market Development and Digitalized Business Processes, all of our services are now eligible for funding of up to €16,500 – which corresponds to up to 50% of your project volume. And the best part is: This involves absolutely no additional effort from your side! We take care of the application, the retrieval of the funding and the proof of use ourselves.



Who is eligible?


The program is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises with German facilities and/or a German branch. In concrete terms, this means a company size of no more than 100 employees with sales of no more than 20 million euros in the previous year.

How is the subsidy amount calculated?

Consulting services that fullfil the criteria of the selected funding modules are subsidized at a rate of 50% on a maximum daily consulting rate of 1,100 euros. As a beneficiary, you only pay a personal contribution to the consulting company, i.e. us. The maximum amount of funding is 30 days in a period of six months. Thus, with a maximum project volume of 33,000€ and a subsidy rate of 50%, the maximum subsidy is 16,500€.  

The funding model - what to consider

Generell müssen die förderfähigen Beratungsleistungen und die konkrete Realisierung der abgstimmten Maßnahmen drei Fördermodulen folgen:

  1. Modul Digitalisierte Geschäftsprozesse
  2. Modul Digitale Markterschließung
  3. Modul IT-Sicherheit

much. Consulting besitzt die  Autorisierung für gleich zwei dieser Module: Digitalisierte Geschäftsprozesse & Digitale Markterschließung.

Hier die Details:

  • Zunächst muss ein Hauptmodul mit mindestens 51 % des Förderschwerpunktes gewählt werden.
  • In diesem Hauptmodul sind bis zu 20 Beratertage förderfähig, einschließlich
    • bis zu vier Beratertage für eine Potenzialanalyse und Grobkonzeptionierung
    • bis zu sechs Beratertage für sachverständige Dritte in der Umsetzungsphase
    • sowie zwei Beratertage für IT-Sicherheit*
      [* Sollte als Hauptmodul „Digitalisierte Geschäftsprozesse“ oder „Digitale Markterschließung“ gewählt werden, so sind zwei Beratertage für IT-Sicherheit (Förderkriterien nach Modul IT-Sicherheit) zwingend notwendig. Hierfür kann bei Bedarf auch ein sachverständiger Dritter hinzugezogen werden.]
  • Bei Bedarf kann eine zusätzliche Beratungsleistung im Nebenmodul mit insgesamt bis zu zehn Beratertagen gefördert werden. Diese Zusatzberatung muss jedoch in der Projektbeschreibung eingeplant und im Verwendungsnachweis belegt werden.
  • Im Falle einer Kombination von Hauptmodul und Nebenmodul(en) sind maximal 30 Beratertage förderfähig.


In general, the eligible consulting services and the actual implementation of the agreed measures must follow three funding modules:

  1. Module – Digitalized Business Processes
  2. Module – Digital market development 
  3. Module – IT Security 

much. Consulting is authorized for not one but two of these modules: Digitalized Business Processes & Digital Market Development.

Here are the details:

  • First, a main module must be selected with at least 51% of the funding focus.
  • In this main module, up to 20 consultant days are eligible for funding, including
    • up to four consultant days for a potential analysis and rough conceptual design
    • up to six consultant days for expert third parties in the implementation phase
    • and two consultant days for IT security*
      [*If “Digitized Business Processes” or “Digital Market Development” is selected as the main module, two consultant days for IT security (funding criteria according to the IT Security module) are mandatory. An expert third party can also be called in for this if required].
  • If required, an additional consulting service can be funded in the sub-module with a total of up to ten consultant days. However, this additional consulting must be planned in the project description and documented in the proof of use.
    In the case of a combination of main module and sub-module(s), a maximum of 30 consultant days is eligible for funding. 

your benefits at a glance:

financial funding

a professional & reliable partnership

successful IT projects within budget & time

no additional effort required

We provide all services needed to run a efficient and
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And this is how it works: 

1. In the beginning we check, whether your company and project is eligible for funding in general 

2.Once we established your eligibilty,  we take care of the application procedure at the BMWi.

3. Lastly, once the application is approved, we collect the grant money and you pay only half of the total project cost! 

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