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Ready for a career at much.? We’re based in Munich, Germany, and have customers from fast growing international startups. We have ambition, team spirit and passion for what we are doing. Our vision is wild – as our projects are diverse and our people are unique. 

much. is growing rapidly and we propose you to grow with us! If you want to join us, check our openings! If none of them correspond to your profile, please write us! We are glad to hear directly from you.


“The ambition to consult excellently having the culture of a start up”
–  Simon, Managing Partner –

Imagine to work as a consultant but being cool nevertheless! This is our vision at much. We amalgamate the culture of Silicon Valley with the productivity of a consulting company. Where others travel to their customers in business outfits we wear shorts below the webcam. All of us consider ourselves to be at eye level, even with our bosses Mike & Simon.

„I don’t always make memes, but when I do, they are about my boss.“

–  João, Developer & Chief Meme officer (CMO) –

Our office is home of three self-made desks, at which we work. There is no seating plan; you can sit next to your boss or as far away as possible – even on the terrace in summer. And if you need a bit of silence for a moment, feel free to take a seat in our sound-insulated sauna! You see: At much. we value enjoying our work. At Beer o’clock, we sometimes open a bottle of Lager or savour a glass of wheat beer.

“I’ve finished for today! Mike-drop”  –  Mike, CEO

If work has finished we like to play around of kicker or we go hiking together. In a familiar way, we experience many cool things together, play a game of poker some night or celebrate much. party. We get on with ourselves like a house on fire and we are really looking forward to mondays!

Bad and good jokes, tease a colleague from time to time, strinke up a hit every now and then but still being focused on your tasks – this is the way, you can soon be working for us! You will get to know our team and your tasks quickly and you get the unique chance, to improve yourself rapidly. Sound nice, right?


This is João from Brazil. He is working for much as a coder since January 2020. You see him building a QWeb-Template for an invoice export, which odoo generates automatically.


Mike is one of our managing partners. He founded the company together with Simon in 2017. You see him presenting odoo to a potential customer.


This is our consultant Carl having a video conference with a client. They plan the next steps about portraying the logistic process of a customer in odoo.


Simon is our other founder. You see him developing a discussing about the best way of restructuring a database together with João.

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” The only company where your

boss makes your coffee. “

Why much.?

Passionate solution finders

Challenging jobs

Flexible working hours

Relaxed team atmosphere

Birthday cakes and free drinks



Love to work independently


Enjoy to have a responsible and value-creating work

Are open-minded and passionate about what you do

Feel a great team spirit is inevitable

Want to gain new barista skills


Not based in Germany? Find our remote positions here.

Open positions

Intern Consultant ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Salary: 2.000 € / month (gross excl. bonus)

Application deadline: none/contimuous

Open positions: 3

Application to: apply-ic@muchconsulting.de

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Junior Consultant ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Salary: 42-57.000 € / year (gross excl. bonus)

Application deadline: none / continuous

Open positions: 3

Application to : apply-jc@muchconsulting.de

All Info

Senior Consultant ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Salary: 52-74.000 € / year (gross excl. bonus)

Application deadline: none / continuous

Open positions: 2

Application to: apply-sc@muchconsulting.de

All Info

ERP Project Manager ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Application deadline: none/ continuous

Open positions: 1

Application to: apply-itpm@muchconsulting.de

All Info

Finance & Accounting ERP Consultant ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Salary: 52-74.000 € / year (gross excl. bonus)

Application deadline: none/ continuous

Open positions: 2

Application to: apply-fc@muchconsulting.de

All Info

Customer Success Manager ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Application deadline: none/continuous

Open positions: 3

Application to: apply-its@muchconsulting.de

All Info 

Junior Project Manager ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Application deadline: none/continuous

Open positions: 5

Application to: apply-its@muchconsulting.de

All Info

2nd/3rd Level ERP Application Support ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Application deadline: none/continuous

Open positions: 4

Application to: apply-its@muchconsulting.de

All Info

Head of ERP Presales ( m / f / d )

Start: Any time on the 1st or 16th of the month

Application deadline: none/continuous

Open Positions: 1

Application to: apply-hps@muchconsulting.de


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application tips

Application documents

Your application documents give us a first impression of you, your education, your experience and your personality. This data forms the basis for the decision whether you will be able to master the first step in the application process. 

Well-prepared and complete application documents help us to make a good and well-considered decision and avoid wrong decisions, which can cost both the candidate and us a lot of time. It is best to summarize the documents in a single PDF file.

To make a good first impression, your application should include the following documents:


Curriculum vitae

The resume is the core of your application. Here you give us an overview of your achievements. To enable us to quickly identify the most important milestones in your career, it is essential that your resume is clearly structured. It should be no longer than two DIN-A-4 pages and contain sections about your work experience and education. Include the grades of your degrees and show us what language and computer skills you have. Pay attention to an attractive and consistent design. 


Cover letter

A cover letter is optional, but we would be happy if you tell us more about yourself and your motivation to work with us. Don’t just repeat your resume in your cover letter, but explain what is behind the key points in your CV. What do you like about much.? Why do you think you are a good fit for us? What qualities and skills can you bring to our team? 

Transcripts / Grade Summaries (Bachelor, Master, Diploma, Doctorate)

Grades are not everything, but they give us an impression of your interests and strengths. Send us all relevant diplomas and also your current grades.

Work references and other certificates

Through job references we get a good insight into your previous jobs and what tasks you performed there. Certificates of language or computer courses, for example, will support the information in your resume. 

Case Study

If you apply as a developer or consultant and have passed the first step, we will invite you to work on a case study. We will send you the tasks at an agreed time. From then on you will have a predetermined time to work on the tasks before you send them back to us. If you finish before the agreed time, an earlier submission will be considered positive. 

To help you successfully master the case study, we have put together a few tips for you:

  • Read the information and any other comments we send you carefully.
  • Design your solution in such a way that we can follow your train of thought. Add your calculation paths, formulas and notes. It is more interesting for us to see how you came to the solution, as if the solution is correct. 
  • Send us all your results, even if you were not able to complete a task, for example because of time pressure. Even unfinished solutions help us to evaluate your work. 
  • Present the solutions attractively and in the given manner. 

Damit du auch die Case Study erfolgreich meistern kannst, haben wir dir ein paar Tipps für die Bearbeitung zusammengestellt:

  • Lies die Angabe und auch alle weiteren Anmerkungen, die wir dir mitschicken, genau durch.
  • Gestalte deine Lösung so, dass wir deinen Gedankengang nachvollziehen können. Füge also deine Rechenwege, Formeln und Anmerkungen hinzu. Für uns ist es interessanter, wie du zu der Lösung gekommen bist, als ob die Lösung richtig ist. 
  • Schicke alle Lösungen mit, auch wenn du eine Aufgabe zum Beispiel wegen Zeitdrucks nicht fertigstellen konntest. Auch unfertige Lösungen helfen uns, deine Arbeit zu bewerten. 
  • Stelle die Lösungen ansprechend und in der vorgegebenen Art und Weise dar. 
Job Interview

The job interview serves both sides to get to know each other. During the interview, we will ask questions on technical topics as well as check the cultural fit. You will be asked questions about your previous experience, your working methods, your expertise and your personality. 

In order for you to convince us in a personal conversation, you should keep a few points in mind: 

  • Prepare yourself for the interview. Check the job description and the company website of much. again. 
  • Think about your strengths and weaknesses, what qualifications you have and how you can enrich our team.
  • Don’t let yourself be pressured during the interview. If you can’t find a suitable answer to a question, you can take some time to think before you answer.
  • Be flexible. There is not always a right or wrong answer and sometimes there are questions that you might not have expected. 
  • Have fun during the meeting! We are looking for personalities who not only fit in well with us professionally, but with whom we can also have fun outside of work. 


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