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Working with much.

“The ambition to consult excellent having the culture of a start up”  –  Simon, CEO

Imagine to work as a consultant but being cool nevertheless! This is our vision at much. We amalgamate the culture of Silicon Valley with the productivity of a consulting company. Where others travel to their customers in business outfits we wear shorts below the webcam. All of us consider ourselves to be at eye level, even with our bosses Mike & Simon.

We allready bought you a chair.

much. wow!

“If anyone speaks swabian ever again, I’m gonna jump out of the window!”  –  Carl, Project Manager

Our office is home of three self-made desks, at which we work. There is no seating plan; you can sit next to your boss or as far away as possible – even on the terrace in summer. And if you need a bit of silence for a moment, feel free to take a seat in our sound-insulated sauna! You see: At much. we value enjoying our work. At Beer o’clock, we sometimes open a bottle of Lager or savour a glass of wheat beer.


much. work, but also much. leisure

“I’ve finished for today! Mike-drop”  –  Mike, CEO

If work has finished we like to play around of kicker or we go hiking together. In a familiar way, we experience many cool things together, play a game of poker some night or celebrate much. party. We get on with ourselves like a house on fire and we are really looking forward to mondays!


Bad and good jokes, tease a colleague from time to time, strinke up a hit every now and then but still being focused on your tasks – this is the way, you can soon be working for us! You will get to know our team and your tasks quickly and you get the unique chance, to improve yourself rapidly. Sound nice, right?

Ready for much. experience?

“$ git commit suicide”  –  Flo, is learning git

Ready for a career at much.? We’re based in Munich, Germany, and have customers from fast growing international startups. We have ambition, team spirit and passion for what we are doing. Our vision is wild – as our projects are diverse and our people are unique. 

much. is growing rapidly and we propose you to grow with us! If you want to join us, check our openings! If none of them correspond to your profile, please write us! We are glad to hear directly from you.

If you have any question, don’t hestitate to write to apply@muchconsulting.de.

Why much.?

Passionate solution finders

Challenging jobs

Flexible working hours

Relaxed team atmosphere

Birthday cakes and free drinks



Love to work independently


Enjoy to have a responsible and value-creating work

Are open-minded and passionate about what you do

Feel a great team spirit is inevitable

Want to gain new barista skills


much. office in Munich
Our office is easily accessible, as it is located in the heart of Munich, a stone's throw from the central station. We work in a friendly atmosphere all around the same table.
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” The only company where your

boss makes your coffee. “

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Sorry, there are no open position for now!

Come back later or tell us about your dream position filling up the form below!

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