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About much. Consulting

We are located in Munich’ s up and coming new tech quarter Parksstadt-Schwabing and invite you to come by for an amazing coffee whenever you are around. 

Our mission

Helping our customer to focus on what really matters.

Our vision

No more boring tasks.

    What we believe in & how we are

    1. Inclusive: We embrace welcoming everyone from everywhere.
    2. Open: We are curious, eager to learn and want to evolve.
    3. Result driven: We want the best results, no matter where they come from.
    4. No BS: We don‘t need to conform with the norm.
    5. Excitement: We are excited & passionate about our work and have fun doing it.
    6. Ownership: We own our responsibilities.

    Our team

    Today, we are a diverse team with roots on four continents that speaks German, English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and Polish fluently. Our team has differing educational backgrounds in computer science, psychology, business law, software engineering, operations, electrical engineering, marketing, finance and business administration. Our multiplicity enables us to solve a wide range of problems, work in different environments and find the best solutions based on a big bucket of different ideas and mindsets.  If you are curious to join our team check our “Join now” page.

    The legend also says we can prepare one of the best cappuccino in town! If you want to try it, you should come by and meet us!

    Mike Schulz

    Managing Partner

    Simon Stappen

    Managing Partner

    Carl Herkommer

    Head of e-Commerce ERP Consulting

    Joao Sconetto

    Chief Technical Officer

    Anna Eberhard

    Head of People & Culture

    Luisc 1

    Marta Telesforo

    Project Controller

    duarte 2

    Duarte Viana

    Regional Talent Acquisition Manager

    Eleni Bagklaridou

    Junior Consultant

    Stefan Schindl

    Head of Finance ERP Consulting

    Nikolai  Pusch

    Head of Manufacturing ERP Consulting

    Hassaan Ahmed


    Janina Seluga



    Nina Chuter

    Junior Project Manager

    Sivarot Jundee

    Technical Support Consultant

    Paul Wegner

    Head of Service ERP Consulting

    Luis Manuel Nunes

    Senior Consultant

    Hamza Rachidi

    Techno-functional & Technical-lead

    Martin Krause

    Senior Consultant

    Markus Bader

    Senior Recruiter

    Michael Becker

    Senior Finance Consultant

    Till Soffner

    Project Management

    Philipp Widl

    Head of Presales Consulting

    Kareem Abuzaid

    Senior Software Developer

    Hans Rickhoff

    Senior Consultant

    Juan Garrido


    Aicha Messous


    Jorge Cubillos

    Junior Consultant

    Luisc 1

    Carmen Gaugler

    Project Management

    Luisc 1

    Luis Cuervo

    Junior Consultant

    Martynas Palsis

    Junior Consultant

    Julius von Prittwitz und Gaffron

    Junior Consultant

    Marianna de Souza Mendes

    Product Owner Intern

    Pedro Miranda

    Junior Consultant

    Barış Yolsal

    Junior Consultant

    Martin Malzahn

    Senior Consultant

    Maximilian Rau

    Intern Consultant

    Bettina Mota

    Project Manager